"That awkward moment when you talk to yourself and you start smiling like an idiot because you’re just so hilarious."

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omg i was totally into awkward and than tfios now hp tommorow twilight






I wrote about cancer, writing, and friendship for the LA Review of Books.

I loved this essay about The Fault in Our Stars and supporting a young person with an incurable cancer diagnosis. It’s the best review of the book I’ve read.

A. O. Scott wrote a brilliant and troubling review of the TFIOS movie; Hopper’s essay is a kind of response to it, and one that I found very encouraging. It helped me to think about what books ought to do, and what they can’t do.

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New video! No spoilers. Reblog if you’re excited :)

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hi guys there is a polish student in my house :) my sister has a polish exchange for her school. i have it in about 2 years.

today the went to the dunes of the netherlands. if you know the netherlands in noord-holland, bloemendaal, you can search it up if you wanna know. they came home total wet and their hair was wet and everything was wet.

they said it was fun but i don’t really believe them :) well i hope it was fun 

i have to go to eat, also with that polish student. she is very nice and kind, she is only a bit shy, but i understand, if i go to a totally weird family and the only way to communicate is in english and i speak most of the time polish wat doesn’t look like english i also would be a bit shy!

bye byee 


I’m sooo happy!!! Why I don’t know…

but I’m happy, and tired. something’s wrong with me. the last time I’m sooo tired. when i play waterpolo I can sink so tired am i. but my shoes are coming!! it are blue nike roshe run. I love nike roshe run. maybe i allready told you. and i just need some more followers. i don’t have any followers, maybe i should stop you know. but i’m not that sad, i believe in it that i get a lot of followers!!

byeexx if you are my follower: I LOVE YOU


yeh. today i feel like a girl who can do everything with computers! yesterday was my birthday (congrats congrats) and finally they gave the midnight memories cd of one direction (yeah yeah) and i want to have that cd on my ipod. so i did like soo much on the laptop of my sister. and finally it works i can listen to that cd everywhere now. its on my sisters laptop, my dads my moms and on my ipod!! (yeah yeah) well now i have to go so byeexx


yay! the 11th of march is my birthday!! And today we’re celebrating it. yesterday was my dads birthday. not real. 29th of february but we’re celebrating it together i’m so exctited!! now i have to go. buy some food for the birthday!!

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"That’s all I ever wanted to be"

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